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Bill Gillhespy

Fort Myers Beach Annual Sand Castle Competition

Fort Myers Beach annually hosts a national level sand sculpting contest.  Held on the Holiday Inn beach and extending north towards the Outrigger Motel.  Amateurs and professionals alike gather for a week long contest.  Cash and other prizes are awarded in several themed classes.  Island visitors can stroll among the artisans and get close to the action.  Don't forget to bring your camera.  The pictures below are from the 2007 contest.  Click on the " Thumbnail pics" to enlarge.   Better yet, call me and I will help you buy your own  " Sandcastle" ! 

The 2009 Sand Sculpting  event will be held Nov 4 - 8.  If you are in town give me a call and say " HI " !

Stear me to the Beach

 And there I'll start to build

  A castle pointing to the stars

   Where I can feel fullfilled

    The gentle breeze inspires me

     Imagination soars

      A castle built of sand and dreams

       Where souls can be restored !

                                                         Enjoy !



Click thumbnails to Enlarge.
IMG_0807 IMG_0818 IMG_0825
IMG_0808 IMG_0819 IMG_0826
IMG_0809 IMG_0820 IMG_0827
IMG_0810 IMG_0821 IMG_0828
IMG_0812 IMG_0822 IMG_0829
IMG_0813 IMG_0823 IMG_0832
IMG_0816 IMG_0824 IMG_0833


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