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Bill Gillhespy

Sunsets on Fort Myers Beach

Few things seem as enduring as a gorgeous sunset.  Better yet if it includes a body of water !  Here on Fort Myers Beach we are truly blessed in many ways - one of which is our magnificent sunsets ( sunrises, too ).  Imagine an end-of-day stroll bathed by the last warm rays of sunshine.  Hold your breath as the sun slips below the horizon.  Make a wish - perhaps that you will soon own a piece of our island paradise.

Click on the " Thumbnail " images below to enlarge.   All shots taken with my Canon Powershot Model 75. 

Click thumbnails to Enlarge.
img_0484 Jan27$10 img_0499
img_0485 Jan27$11 img_0500
img_0486 img_0493 img_0501
img_0487 img_0494 img_0502
img_0488 img_0495 img_0503
Jan27$01 img_0496 Jan27$19
Jan27$06 img_0497 img_0505
Jan27$08 img_0498 img_0506


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